Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*ALERT! - Cupcake Junkies

Lately it seems like cupcakes are everywhere. There are so many little speciality cupcake baking shops popping up and the gluttonous cupcake addicts (i.e. Dan) are gorging themselves on these delicious delicacies. Call it the Sex and the City effect or blame it on the economy but it really has created a new industry. This is good news for some workers including packaging designers who couldn't resist the temptation to create a little box designed to hold a single cupcake. Its so cute it might just make you sick!

PERSONAL PROJECT! - Print, cut and glue together your own single cupcake holder!

***As a bonus, for the florists. Fancy!


*ace said...

So NY!
Dan is on the next flight down!

Unknown said...

glahglaghaglahlhaaahhh.....i love love LOVE cupcakes.

whiteoaks said...

i see someone found thedieline :P