Friday, December 12, 2008

Something for the weekend

Found this mix recently and I thought you might like it. Unfortunately the tracks are not split, but it's a great continuous mix... enjoy ;)

Download M. Because I'm Sexy - Mix 9

01- Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better (Jody den Broeder 'Super Dirty' Club Mix)
02- Leann Rimes - What I Cannot Change (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
03- Lanfranchi & Marchesini - Boys & Girls (Marchesini & Farina Remix)
04- Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
05- Bart B More & Oliver Twizt - Finally (Simmons & Christopher Club Mix)
06- Enrique Iglesias - Away (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
07- Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Jody den Broeder Remix)
08- Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Bimbo Jones Extended Mix)
09- David Archuleta - Crush (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
10- Klaas - Make You Feel 2008 (Klaas Stomp Mix)
11- Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing (Bimbo Jones Remix)
12- Britney Spears - Womanizer (Digital Dog Club Mix)

Download M. Because I'm Sexy - Mix 9

1 comment:

*bear said...

Nice! Good mash up of everything popular right now.