Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britannia High - Music

Hello yall. So Britannia High is a super cheezy British teen tv musical drama. I posted about it a month ago. Regardless I love it... I personally think the music is pretty stellar! I will be posting my favorite tracks from the series as they become availible... so keep a look out for those. This is the promo song used in the trailers for the series. Included is a dance remix of the same tune... it is super wicked! Promise me you'll check it out!
Britannia High - Watch This Space
Britannia High - Watch This Space (Jewels and Stone Remix)


*lotts said...

I've been waiting for a high quality version of this! YAY!

*bear said...

so great!

whiteoaks said...

if anyone wants the whole album lemme know i've got it