Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This past weekend the Glitter Junkies took a group outing to the Lady Gaga Concert at CiRCA Nightclub in Toronto. The place was packed and full of energy! We've compiled a slide show of images from the front lines (thanks Tyson!) and a video compilation from the balcony. Enjoy the show! GAGA!

Lady Gaga from Chris Lotts on Vimeo.


*bear said...

Great pics and video!

*ace said...

Yay for GlitterJunkie field trips!

*lotts said...

Apologies for not getting the crowd surfing on film. The memory card filled up RIGHT before it happened. :(

*Jbox said...

Wicked :)

Unknown said...

crowd surfing? ugh!

sounds like fun times allll weekend (and weekdaze) long! ;)

what about pics of glitter junkies and entourage outfits and make up?