Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Attic - Remember Tomorrow [Album]

OMG, so excited! Ever since I heard the song It's Beautiful by The Attic I have been dying to hear a album from them. I finally came across it and I'm so glad! The album is called Remember Tomorrow. The band is composed of DJ's/producer's Michael Feiner and Eric Amarillo. You have probably heard their song, The Arrival (ft. Therèse).

01 - It's Beautiful ***
02 - In Your Eyes ***
03 - The Arrival (ft. Therèse)***
04 - Minute After Minute
05 - Remember Tomorrow
06 - Ticket To Love (ft. Jennie-Anne Smith)
07 - A Life To Live ***
08 - Sail Away
09 - Don't You Know Me? (ft. Therèse)
10 - Catch Me When I Fall For You
11 - The One
12 - Don't Turn Your Back On Me (ft. Jennie-Anne Smith)
13 - I Just Can't Help It
14 - Destiny

The Attic - Remember Tomorrow [Album]

If you like it, get on iTunes and buy it!

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*Jbox said...

Love The Attic... Remember Tomorrow & Destiny are old, but I had no idea they had an album out. Thanks!