Saturday, January 24, 2009

Britney Circus Mixes and New Xtina Track

We've all heard a million remixes of Womanizer and Circus but I wanted to find some other mixes of Britney's other tracks. I ended up finding some more good remixes of regular singles and a number of other decent versions of the other tracks. Check them out.

Download ALL Mixes

Womanizer (Abe Clements Disco Remix) ***WICKED MIX
Circus (DJ Levan Remix Radio Edit)
Shattered Glass (Shattered Heart in Pieces Radio Edit)
Unusual You (dj Tim a Extended Soulmaker Remix)
Unusual You (Angels Rise Above Remix)
Blur (Haunted Flashbacks Radio Mix)
Mannequin (EJ Excess Remix)
Lace & Leather (PortuX-3891's Dangerous Red Lips Mix)
My Baby (toMOOSE Remix)
Amnesia (EJ Demo Remix)
Phonography (Confidential Phone Sex Mix)
Trouble (Ober Edit)
Circus (EJ Album Megamix)

Christina Aguilera recorded the electro-ballad song, Falling in Love Again, for the movie soundtrack of "The Spirit".

Christina Aguilera - Falling in Love Again

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