Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brandy - Human [Album]

Brandy's 5th studio album, Human, is reaching the markets this week. The first single has been floating on glitterjunkies for a while and there are some other great songs including The Definition, Warm It Up and Piano Man.

1. Human Intro
2. The Definition
3. Warm It Up (With Love)
4. Right Here (Departed)
5. Piano Man
6. Long Distance Interlude
7. Long Distance
8. Camouflage
9. Torn Down
10. Human
11. Shattered Heart
12. True
13. A Capella (Something's Missing)
14. 1st & Love
15. Fall
Bonus Track: Gonna Find My Love

Brandy- Human

Check it out before going to get it!

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