Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jem - Down to Earth

I know what you are thinking! I wish Jem and the Holligrams (& the Misfits) truly existed too.......but I digress.

Recently, a good friend (Tomoyo) turned me onto the Canadian song writer, Jem.

You should really check out her album, Down to Earth, it is really great. Then go out and support her!

DOWNLOAD - Jem - Down to Earth


Unknown said...

seriously!! jem?? this is one of those moments where we yell at each other for not listening to the music we ALWAYS played at work...this time its me at you. thats right.

Unknown said...

check this out..see if you remember this song


and she's a brit from welsh?

maybe u didn't realize it was the OTHER asian.

*bear said...