Friday, September 5, 2008

Vittorio Fiorucci

Recently I purchased a few original signed posters by the late Vittorio Fiorucci (pictures 1-3). He was best known for his ‘Just for Laughs’ devil caricature (pictures 7-9). “The little green man that became the symbol of the Montreal International Comedy Festival was, he said, autobiographical, a self-caricature that evolved over 40 years.” (The Gazette, 2008) Canada’s most acclaimed poster artists his works were second to none. The vivid colours and striking designs are absolutely mesmerizing, especially when seen in person. Vittorio was an eccentric character and his unconventional attitude was often reflected in his work. "When I do a job in English they are always worried I am going to slip some subliminal obscene thing into the design," he once told The Gazette, "The French don't care." (The Gazette, 2008)

"He was a song-and-dance man," said his friend, Mr. Flomen. "He could bury everyone at the evening events and would invariably end up dancing with the cat or a pot. And when he was leaving, he'd sing in a great, big Broadway style his thank-you to the hosts for a wonderful evening, ending with a big crescendo and a dramatic good night." (Globe and Mail, 2008)

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