Tuesday, September 30, 2008

James Deano - Les Blancs ne Savent pas Danser

Sometimes I just find something so good it shocks me! I discovered this song while watching TFO… ya ya I watch TFO… get over it! Anyway… I saw the video and almost died because it was so wicked and funny and the song was pretty amazing. I’ve always had a soft spot for French hip hop… the French language is so melodic and just lends itself so well to being rapped! Anyway… I spent close to an hour trying to find this artist and lo and behold I found the song + video! Now I just have to get the album! Enjoy this one… It was a labour of love! Comment if you like it... or even hate it for that matter

Download James Deano - Les Blancs ne Savent pas Danser here

1 comment:

*bear said...

hahaha. that's great. the ballroom swivel. la cultureee. hilarious