Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

It's been a wet summer here in Toronto!
So take a lesson from Gene and just sing it away!

(here are two remixes the first by Mint Royale and the other Uknown, which was used in a performance on SYTYCD Australia)

Youtube Links
Gene Kelly Original
Mint Royale Remix

Download Links
Singin' in the Rain - Mint Royale
Singing in the Rain - Uknown Remix
Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly (original)


*lotts said...

Have you seen the Britain's Got Talent performance to this?

Check it out here.

*ace said...

Ah yes... Mr Sampson


*Jbox said...

There's also this commercial VW did in '05 or '06.


*lotts said...

jbox! Link codes! ..Ace you're forgiven cause you don't know the code. We'll show you. :)

*Jbox said...

Can't embed media into comments, is that what you meant?

*lotts said...

I meant make your links.. links.

*Jbox said...

lol... fine... here's the VW Commercial again :P

*lotts said...

Thank you. :)